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Longer Narrative Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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Stag at the Pool .jpg

(Adapted from an Aesop's Fable)
By Josie Whitehead

Stag at the Pool (The)

A handsome stag, with antlers long,
     Approached a nearby pool.
He sought, upon this sultry day,
     Some water, fresh and cool.

This pool, within the shady wood,
     Was just the perfect place
But, as he lowered his head, he saw
     The reflection of his face.

He also saw his antlers too
     And gazed at them with pride.
He then looked down and saw his legs
     And felt quite horrified.

'They’re thin and weak,' he sadly cried -
      'Not like my lovely horns!' -
And as he looked down at himself,
      He sadly felt forlorn.

Whilst he was gazing, deep in thought,
      From behind a nearby tree
A lion crept, with stealth and guile.
    There was no time to flee.

In haste the stag ran to a bush,
   But his antlers caught quite fast,
And, with the lion now facing him,
     This thought became his last:

'The horns I loved have let me down
     And have brought about this fate.
I should have thought more of my legs,
     But it's sadly now too late.'

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Is there a reminder here not to look at yourself in the mirror for too  long?  Oh, I must remember this.  Josie

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