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Animal Story-Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead


Steegan the Vegan.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Steegan the Vegan

Now Steegan was a baby fox -

     One of many others -

For he had a tiny sister cub

     And two little foxy brothers. 

They all were born one cold March day,

     Inside their parents' den.

They grew and played outside their home

      And kept well clear of men.


Their father said: ‘Don’t stray from home,

     And hide when people come.

If you should see them coming, pups,

     Run quickly back to Mum!’

He also taught them how to kill

     The prey that foxes eat

And their parents brought home tasty food

       Which they were told was meat.


One night the moon shone in the sky

     And some rabbits left their holes.

They ran and played out in the fields

     As did some mice and moles.

‘Go, catch a rabbit!’ Mum Fox said

     And they'd learned what must be done,

But Steegan thought of doing this

      But he didn’t think it fun.’ 


‘If I kill Mother Rabbit now,

      ‘What will her babies do?’

He’d hate it if men killed his Mum. 

     Oh, for certain this was true.

So Steegan wouldn’t kill for meat

     And he wouldn't eat it too.

So he became a vegan fox –

     Unusual, but quite true.


The other youngsters laughed at him,

     But Steegan didn’t care,

And quite soon he was very ill,

    Which didn't seem quite fair.


Mum said: ‘All foxes must eat meat.

       It's so very good for you.

It's what keeps foxes fit and well,

     So it’s essential that you do.’


So Steegan listened to these words,

     For this was good advice.

He tried to eat his meat once more,

     And remembered it was nice. 

 He soon regained his health again.

      His Mum’s advice was right

And, feeling fit and well once more,

     He hunts his prey at night.

Copyright on all my poems

NOTE: Foxes are mainly nocturnal (night-time) hunters, being most active from dusk until dawn. They also occupy well-defined home ranges that are marked with scents including urine, droppings and anal gland secretions.   


Baby foxes are known as (1) pups (2) kits or (3) cubs.  They are brought up with their mother and father and live in a den.  The parents usually have about 3 or 4 pups.   Josie

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