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Summer Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Summer's Sun

The sun’s bright rays sweep through the sky

And pass a million stars nearby.

      With speed of light her fingers reach

      Those children playing on the beach.


Some shun her heat at middle-day

And close the curtains from her rays,

      And does it not seem sad to shun

      The warmth that’s sent down from the sun?


Her warming touch will ripen wheat

And help to grow much that we eat.

      The sunshine ripens fruit on trees,

      And brings out butterflies and bees.


The sun’s a giant in our sky

Though seeming small to human eye.

     A million earths would fit inside -

     Though I am glad no-one has tried.


Enjoy the warmth of summer’s sun

For playing out is so much fun,

     But guard yourself from hot sunbeams

     By not forgetting your sun cream.


Copyright on all my poems

Follow Up:  Get the children to research the importance of the sun to the earth:

Food energy; Vitamin D; Happiness; Warmth; Light; Precipitation.  There is a good article here:  Sunlightenment


What dangers can the sun cause?  Our skins; fires; lack of water.


Why do I tell you to guard yourself from hot sunbeams by not forgetting your sun cream?


I hope this helps.  Josie

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