Poems for Reflection and 

 Class Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

Switch it Off - Heading .jpg
Switch it Off

Please DON'T switch it off - I'm not ready for bed.
No I'm not going to 'do something useful' instead.
    Oh don't switch it off, I've my homework to do,
    Though we didn't get any, that's perfectly true.

No don't switch it off !  I am playing a game
And to finish it now would be such a shame.
     Please don't switch it off - it's important to me!
     I'm learning so much from it, surely you see.

Oh don't switch it off!  Well I'll sulk if you do,
For I'm stuck to the screen like a fly to some glue.
     No!  Don't switch it off, and now please go away!
     I only need fifteen more minutes to play.

Please don't switch it off for then what shall I do?
I've plenty of books I could read that is true.
  I've friends I could play with, a dog I could walk 

   And of course I've some parents with whom I could talk.

But pressing that switch is the thing I most hate
And what does it matter that it's getting quite late?

      I'm sad when I know that my screen has closed down
      And it's then that you'll see that I'm wearing this frown.

Our screens bring us films, information and news
And without even travelling we see lovely views,
    But the real world awaits us, away from our screen;
   Building *rapport with others. You know what I mean.

Interaction's important for young and for old.
It's healthy for everyone, so we are told.
     Relate more to others who're not on your phone.
     Come on - press the button.  Don't grizzle or groan!

Copyright on all my poems

* rapport  - pronounced rappor - making a good and friendly relationship 

with others.  Understanding how others feel.

What ties you to a screen?  Is it television, the telephone, internet?  Why do you like it so much and do your parents try to remove you from your screen?  I hope they let you listen to and read my poems.  Josie