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People Poems - Grandparents

By Josie Whitehead

Love for Grandchild


By Josie Whitehead

Thank God for Grandparents

Grandparents are special.  Why?

They give you cuddles when you cry.

     They read you stories before bed

     And sometimes make you crusty bread.


They’ll show you photos of the past

And perhaps here’s something you’ll have asked:

     ‘Why was your world just black and white

      Whilst our world’s colourful and bright?’


They’re listeners and they understand.

They’ll put an ice cream in your hand.

      They’ll grin and tell you funny jokes . . .  and . .

       For children they’re ‘worth having’ folks.


Remember every childhood day,

There’s one thing you should always pray:

     God bless grandparents – every one.

     They’re sent to children to have fun!’

Copyright on all my poems



In groups you might like to discuss why you like your grandparents,

ie why they are special to you.   Josie

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