Walter de la Mare

By Josie Whitehead


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By Josie Whitehead

Thank You Walter de la Mare

Mr de la Mare brought us some wonderful poems

Which flooded our classrooms and also our homes.

      I love 'Mr Nobody' and I wrote of him too

      But 'Poor Tired Tim' – now what did he do?


In 'Silver' we met Walter's sweet Lady Moon

Who walked amidst stars in her silvery shoon.

       He wrote of the traveller who knocked on a door

      And many more subjects:  Oh need I say more?


My 'Sleepy Sue-Ellen' would love his 'Tired Tim'

But she’s one of my own and she hasn’t met him.

    My Moon treads her moon-steps across the night sky

    And might also wear shoon as she quietly walks by.


Dear Walter, you put lots of thoughts in my mind –

And I’d love to be classed as one of YOUR kind!

     Your fanciful images, your works of creation,

      Fed food to my mind and my imagination.


So thank you dear Walter, and others like you.

Without your sweet poems what would we all do?

     Children today still want poems of this kind

     And I hope that MY poems will light up their minds!

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