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Black Snowflake

 Winter Poems
By Josie Whitehead

Black Snowflake


By Josie Whitehead

Think of Winter

Crystal white snowflakes that danced through the air
Swirling and whirling without any care;
     Settling on rooftops, on meadows and trees,
     And ponds became ice rinks because of the freeze.

Think 'woolly hats, cosy scarves and warm gloves'
And making a snowman was something you loved.
     Remember the problems for motorists on roads
     And the work of grit lorries that carried their loads?

Picture the sledging and great snowball fights,
But remember the creatures who slept out at night.
     They were glad of your water, and good things to eat.
     Their lives, in cold weather, could not have been sweet.

It was sad for the people who slipped on the ice
For a bone that is fractured is not very nice.
    You’ll surely remember that schools had to close.
    Children would like that - well I would suppose.


And whilst we were all enduring those things,
Mother Nature was busy preparing for spring,
     For deep underground in the cold flower beds,
     Small snowdrops were thinking of showing their heads.

When springtime arrived we forgot all those things.
To replace ice and snow, came the blossom of spring.
     Did you look all around?  Well, what did you see?
     Yes, spring flowers were nodding at yo
u and at me.

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Snowdrop Flowers
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