Bird Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Seagull on Rock
Seagull on Rock


By Josie Whitehead

Those Greedy Gulls

The seagulls are coming, the seagulls are here

So keep your eyes lifted and keep your food clear.

     They're dive bombing people from high in the sky.

     Eat ice cream my darling?  You'd better not try.


The seagulls are coming - we're under attack.

They like fish and chips!  Look out!  Watch your back!

     They're hungry, it's winter, so what do they do?

     They turn to we humans and especially to you.


They’re voracious callers who’re here for their lunch;

For their breakfast, their dinner and also for brunch.

     They forage for food both at sea and on land,

     And they seek out a human to lend them a hand.


We humans are wasteful - we throw away food -

And perhaps the poor seagull must feed a young brood.

     So it gets into dustbins, takes food from the streets

     And will gladly grab foodstuff from folk whom it meets.


Seagulls can sometimes catch food in the sky

By catching a small bird who quietly flies by.

     They'll plunge into water and capture a fish -

     And that's one out of many that won't reach your dish.


The seagulls are moving from the coast into town,

So look at high buildings.   You'll see them look down.

     In seaside resorts they're causing much fuss

     For it seems that those seagulls like living with us.

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Discussion:  Do you think, perhaps, that the seagulls are really hungry because we humans are the greedy ones and we have taken most of their fish from the sea and left them with little to eat?

Have you had any  experiences with birds?  I have wild ducks who come to my garden each day and I buy proper 'duck food' for them to eat.  I put out also fruit skin etc and the birds love to eat it.  Remember that the birds get hungry too and look to us to help them.  Give them the best food though.  Like us, they become ill if they don't eat healthy food.  Josie