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Story Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Clock in Station


By Josie Whitehead

Time-Keeper (The)

I work all day long and I never get rest,

And yet I know well that I am the best.

     I tick all night long, but sleep?  Oh no, no!

     My ticking and tocking keeps me on the go.


I see you come in and I see you go out.

I sit on your wall every day, there’s no doubt.

     I chime on the hour just to let you folks know

     The time you’ve arrived or the time you must go.


I’ll be there for your parties and there when you’re sad.

I’m there when you’re worried and when you are glad. 

     On the day you were born, I chimed my hello,

     And for certain I’ll be there on the day that you go.


Between now until then I’ll continue to chime,

And endeavour to tell you whatever’s the time.

      Your minutes will come and they also will go,

      But I’ll be the best friend that you’ll ever know.

Copyright on all my poems

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