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Spiritual/Reflective Poems
For Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

To Know God - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

To Know God

To see the spring blossom
    Return each year 
        Is to see the face of God.




To hear the blackbird
   Sing his joyful song
      Is to hear the voice of God.



To feel the soft rain 
   On your cheeks 
      Is to feel the hand of God.

But to experience 
  True love for all these things
        Is to know the love of God.


Copyright on all my poems 

Boot Camp
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This lovely poem was also appreciated by teachers and children who chose it, and almost 400 other of my poems, for publication in 2010.  Unfortunately it is out of publication now and the publisher retired, but you can always come to my website to enjoy it.  I'd always enjoy doing a skype visit to your class wherever you are, and I have made lots of skype visits to classrooms worldwide.   Josie

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