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Longer Narrative Story-Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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Tortoise and the Eagle - Heading.jpg
Tortoise and the Eagle (The)

There once was a tortoise who talked and he talked,
      And this tortoise talked – well, quite a lot:
And here I will tell you what happened to him 
     For 'be quiet' this creature could not.

One day, as he sat by himself in a field,
     An eagle flew down from the sky:
'I live in the mountains,' the eagle told him,
     'And to get there, I fly through the sky.'

The tortoise asked: 'Is it a beautiful place?'
    'Oh, for certain.  Why not come and see?

Hold this stick in your mouth with the end held in mine,
     And come fly to the mountain with me.'

'There is only one thing that you never must do:
      Don’t open your mouth whilst with me,

But for certain, you’ll love the nice journey we’ll make
     And you’ll like all things that we’ll see.'

The plan was agreed and the journey began,
     And up in the air they did go –
But, over a town, from high up in the sky
     What did they see down below?

Some very rude children were looking at them,
     And they made a most insulting joke.
The tortoise was angry at what he had heard
     And he opened his mouth and he spoke.

So what do you think could have happened to him
     When he opened his mouth to say words?
He naturally crashed to the earth far below,
     For tortoises can't fly like birds.

So that was the end of that tortoise, for sure,
     For his fate was for certain quite bad.

So for those who don’t heed the advice they receive,
     It's for certain their end could be sad.

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Note:  I think the moral of this story is:  When someone provokes you, try not to retaliate by answering them back.  It could be a fatal move.  Oh, I wish I could follow that good advice, but I'm always the one to fight back with words!!!  I must remember this story for sure.  How about you?  Are you like me?  Josie

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