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Longer Narrative Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Town Mouse and Country Mouse - Pink.jpg


(Based on an Aesop's Fable)

By Josie Whitehead

Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (The)

A tiny field mouse, just as cute as could be,
Lived in the country beneath an oak tree.
    She dined upon worms, on berries and seeds.
    She’d all that’s essential to meet every need.

Her cousin, a house mouse, from a town far away,
Came visiting her home for a welcoming stay.
    The country mouse made her a good tasty meal 
Of bacon and beans and what else she could steal.

With some crusty brown bread, they started to eat 
But Town Mouse thought this was far from a treat:
    'Is this all you field mice can offer a guest?
    Come, dine at MY house where food is the best!'

So then off to the city the cousins did flee -
Far from the peace of the lovely oak tree.
    The country mouse entered a large dining hall -
     A vision of grandeur and the envy of all.

The remains of a feast were what both cousins found.
How could they resist with no humans around?
'Tuck in my good cousin - there’s plenty you see!
     Our good city living’s quite perfect for me.'

But as they enjoyed the good things that they’d found, 
From outside the room came an ear-piercing sound.
Loud barking announced there was trouble in store
    And both mice fled away without staying for more.

The mouse from the country said a hurried farewell.
'I’ll return to my oak tree where I so love to dwell.
     My food may be meagre, but my peace is divine
     And my quiet country life?  It suits me just fine!!'

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