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Reflective/Thinking Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Treasure Troves - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Treasure Troves

Jessica has a jewellery box

     In which she keeps her treasure.

In here you’ll find her little things

     Which bring both joy and pleasure.


The lid of Jessica’s jewellery box

     Has shells of different kinds.

Let’s lift the lid and look inside.

     What nice things shall we find?


There’s a little ring within her box

     And a pretty necklace too.

It was a present Granny bought.

     Look!  Pretty beads of blue.


This necklace has some daisy flowers

     That sit upon its chain.

And what lies at the bottom there?

     Dip in your hand again.


Two lovely little coloured stones -

     They’re magic stones I think -

And here’s a bright glass bracelet

     That’s coloured blue and pink. 


We keep some treasures in our heads

     Of things we do each day.

We store them in our memory banks,

     Quite safely tucked away,


I know you keep your memories too.

     So, when you’re feeling sad

You can open up your treasure trove,

      And change your mood to glad.

Copyright on all my poems

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