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Halloween Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Swooping Bat
Graveyard Crow
Tricks, Treats and Witches wix .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Tricks, Treats and Witches Galore

The evening arrived and the wind blew cool.
Children were home from their day at school.
    Out came the pumpkin and the witches’ hats;
    Out came their costumes and the black toy cats.

With masks on their faces, they knocked on doors,
And: 'We’d like some treats,' they all implored.
The moon threw down beams and the owl did hoot
     And he looked at the children and thought them cute.

Then six tiny bats flew across the night sky
And dark clouds cast shadows from way up on high.
     The children looked up and what did they see?
     Well, I’m sure it is true for it’s what they told me.

In the light of the moon and moving with speed
'Witches on broomsticks,' the children agreed.
     And everyone trembled with a feeling of dread,
     And then hurried back home to the safety of bed.

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