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Children's  Story  Poems
By  Josie  Whitehead

True Story of Green Riding Hood - Headin


By Josie Whitehead

True Story of Green Riding Hood

A very long, long time ago,
     A couple had a child.
The woodman and his wife adored
     Their baby, meek and mild.

They called their child Green Riding Hood,
     A name you may find strange.
The name 'Red Riding Hood' they liked,
     But why not have a change?

The years went by, the child grew up,
     But she never went to school.
Within her forest home she grew
     Into a girl most cruel.

She played all day amongst the trees,
     Annoying creatures there.
She hid the squirrels’ winter nuts
     And teased the big brown bear.

She chopped the tails of rabbits off,
     And the fox?  What did she do?
She caught him in a nasty trap
     And sent him to the zoo.

One creature watched this wicked child
     Walk to her Granny’s house,
And he followed her along the path
     As quietly as a mouse.

He saw her lift the wooden latch
      And go with food inside.
Then he, the wolf, followed behind
     And thought where he might hide.

Green Riding Hood then heard a noise
     And guessed who it might be.
'Let’s hide and wait,' old Granny said,
       'And very soon we’ll see.'    


Green Riding Hood, and Granny too,
     Both hid beneath the bed,
And once the wolf came in the room,
      Both she and Granny fled.

They locked the door before they left.
      Poor wolf!  What could he do?
Ahhh, he, just like poor Fox before,
       Was taken to a zoo.

Perhaps you’ve seen him in a cage
     And laughed at him in fun?
Poor Mr Wolf has paid the price
     For what that girl has done.

Green Riding Hood then wrote a book 
     And changed her name to 'Red'.
She blamed the wolf for eating Gran,
     When she’d done wrong instead.

Some children, with their gift of speech,
     Can tell most awful lies,
Whilst animals, who can't speak up,
      These children must despise.



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