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Reflective Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Is it Part of Old Age?

I’ve arthritis in knees and pain in my back.
It’s goodbye to youth for there’s no going back.

    I’ve a rug on my knees and one round my shoulders.
   Wind rattles my windows; the night becomes colder.

The young go out dancing to keep themselves warm
Or meet at the pub – well I think that’s the norm,
  But a woman aged eighty just couldn’t go there
     And nobody phones for nobody cares.

So I turn off the heating for I just cannot pay
The expensive fuel prices they’re asking today.
     Meals on wheels?  Yes, they come and they go.
     They keep body and spirit together you know.

Family?  I think so.  They’re out there somewhere,
But to pick up their phones to show that they care?
     No, that’s what I do to say that I’m here.
     It’s not what they do, that’s perfectly clear.

Well, I’ll fill my hot water bottle and go to my bed,
Or, alternatively, sit by myself here instead. 
So goodbye to today.  Check the doors, turn off light!
    Well, that’s part of old age so I guess that’s all right. 

Copyright on all my poems

 My  grandson, when aged 4, had a lot to say about this.  'It's not a part of old age Granny.  It's not right.'  Thanks Daniel.  You are right.  Your children or grandchildren will agree with him, as do I and yet I know that this is what happens to many people very sadly - but others know where to go when they want something.   I hope all you children will remember this when teenagers and older - but sadly they don't.  Remember today.  Josie

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