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Poems about our Natural World
for Children

By Josie Whitehead


Let me introduce you to one of the visitors to our garden.  This is Henry who is a Cayuga

duck.  Henry may be English, but his ancestors come from the Finger States of New York State.  Henry is much bigger than the mallard ducks who also come to my garden, and thus, Henry always wants to eat at least twice as much food in his dish.  He is able to sit on our gate and look into our window to attract us, whilst the mallard ducks, with their webbed feet can't do this.  So Henry is sent there to look for us in our home.  Josie 


By Josie Whitehead

Visitors to Our Garden
Visitors to Our Garden

The visitors to our garden 

     Come in their twos and threes.

The ducks tap on our window panes

     And birds sit in our trees.


The moorhens, squirrels, pigeons too;

     The blackbirds, robins, wrens:

They disappear when night arrives

     But next day come again.


In springtime they're accompanied

      With young, just newly born,

And they expect, of course, to find

      Some breakfast every morn.


Young squirrels play quite happily,

     Chasing round and round.

They proudly show their skill with pride

     As up the trees they bound.


So, who comes to your garden then?

     You ought to make a list.

It's good to share the things we have

     With the others in our midst.

Copyright on all my poems

Discussion:  What animals or birds do you see in your area, either in your garden, or perhaps in the park, or just near where you live?

Which do you like and which ones are you a little frightened of or perhaps don't like?

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