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Poems about the Natural Resources
Of  Our World 

By Josie Whitehead

Glasses of Water

(anapaestic metre) 

By Josie Whitehead


Large raindrops come pattering on country and town.
From the black thundery clouds they come tumbling down.
    People put on their raincoats; umbrellas come out,
    As the rain pounds on rooftops and gushes from spouts.

Then the rain droplets shower on both woodland and hill
And the streams run down slopes and from waterfalls spill.
     They all hurry and scurry as if they were chased
     And they soon reach the rivers with no time to waste.

Other things swim along in the river’s fast swell 
For oxygen and nutrients are carried as well.
    These are life-giving forces for plants and for fish
    Which in turn feed to us through the food on our dish.

In addition to good things washed down in this tide,
There are things which are harmful which quite often hide.
     Some pollutants could come from the neighbouring farms
     And it’s these deadly things which may well cause us harm.
The waste from some factories can poison our streams
And the care of our water’s a crucial regime.
     Since polluting the water’s a dreadful offence,
     The fines to the guilty are often immense.

Water’s often a friend but is sometimes a foe, 
And the lives lost by drowning are frequent, we know.
     So don’t play in the water if parents aren’t there 
     For it’s easy to drown if you do not take care.

We quite often grumble when rain starts to fall,
But how would we manage with no rain at all?
     In countries where water is in short  supply,
     People wish that it wasn’t so hot and so dry.

So be grateful for clouds that bring life-giving rain.
Don’t gaze through your window and start to complain,
     For I’ll end on a note which may cause you to think:
     What world would this be with no water to drink?

Copyright on all my poems

This poem should lead to good class discussion.  Have you ever seen flooding?  What parts of the world have very little rain?  What should we do to use less water and not waste it, ie not washing hands etc under a running tap, but putting clean water into the bowl/sink etc.  Josie

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