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Purple Bells

Winter Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Purple Bells
Weathering Winter - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Weathering Winter

Winter's clothed in dreary skies;
Her wolf-howls tear the air.

Her biting teeth gnash at our skins -
   With no respect or care.

Squirrels long have stored their nuts
      And swallows left our lands,

Whilst winter rides on cold north winds
      That freeze the nose and hands.


Let's banish winter with bright lights;
And cheer despondent streets.
Let's fill our homes with Christmas fun
     And spoil ourselves with treats.

Let's wrap ourselves in festive fun!
      Bring forth that Christmas cheer,
And, by
*bridling problems, just for now,
*Unleash a brand new year.

Copyright on all my poems

* Personification.

*Bridling Problems:  When you put a bridle on a horse you bring that horse under your control.  Bridling problems means just keeping the problem under your control.

*Unleash a brand new year:  Letting it loose; letting it freely run its course - as when you unleash a dog.

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