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Pair of Acorns


Autumn Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Pair of Acorns
Autumn Leaves


By Josie Whitehead

Well, Hello Autumn

Autumn lifts her misty veil

     And soaks up golden sun.

Today’s the day she’s waited for –

     Her day for having fun.


She knocks the nuts down to the ground

     And blows leaves from the trees.

Children button up their coats

     To fight her blustery breeze.


She tosses ships upon the waves

     With winds that blow with force,

Whilst overhead the fleecy clouds

      Race through the sky, of course.


The swallows say their quick 'goodbyes'

     And leave for warmer climes

For winter follows autumn days

     With ice and snow sometimes.


It’s back to school the children go –

     School holidays have passed,

But all too soon it’s Christmastime,

     So, come, don’t look downcast.

Copyright on all my poems

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