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Poems for Younger Children

By Josie Whitehead

Food Delivery


By Josie Whitehead

What Do You Like to Eat?

For breakfast, what do you like most:

Porridge, cornflakes, buttered toast?

     The blackbird likes a wriggly worm

     'Especially one that likes to squirm!'


A rabbit likes to eat some hay

And gladly munches this all day.

     Your dog likes biscuits with his meat –

     'And don’t forget my little treat!'


A snail?  What does he like to munch?

'Your Daddy’s cabbage for my lunch.'

     A spider’s meal?  A nice pork pie?

     'Oh no, I much prefer a fly!'


Giraffes!  What do they like to eat?

Something chewy, something sweet?

    'Well, with our heads up in the trees

    Green leaves are foods that always please.'


A crocodile?  Don’t ask him that!

He’d eat your poodle or your cat.

       'Oh, come and see me at the zoo.

         Kids are tasty morsels too!'


Ducks?  *They pester me all day

And don’t want leaves or even hay.

     'We hope you'll satisfy our needs,'

     And what ducks like are sunflower seeds.

Copyright on all my poems

There is a small lake in the park behind our home and the wild ducks know that humans equal food.  They waddle over to our homes for breakfast and afternoon tea - or for meals any time of the day when they know we're in.  You might like it, but I don't like the duck-muck they leave. Josie

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