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E a s t e r   P o e m s

for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Chocolate egg.jpg
Who Lay Chocolate Easter Eggs.jpg
Who Lay Chocolate Easter Eggs?


Who lay chocolate Easter eggs?
     Why, chocolate hens, for sure!
And Hettie was a special hen
     Who just laid more and more.

Her little eggs,  a special treat,
     Were quickly talked about,
For hens that can lay chocolate eggs
     Are special, there’s no doubt!

So lots of people bought her eggs,
     In fact there was a queue,
And perhaps at Easter you might get
      A chocolate egg or two.

Then Hettie had some little chicks
     And watched them as they grew.

When they grew up, just like their Mum,
     Their eggs were chocolate too.

The farmer soon became quite rich.
     He was a greedy man

And the fairies, seeing how things were,
     Devised a cunning plan.

They’d noticed just how cruel he was.
     He made his hens work hard.
They had to lay eggs day and night:
     No fun in his farmyard!

One day that farmer went to town
     But found, on his return,
That all his hens had disappeared,
Which caused him great concern.

The fairies had arrived that day
     And took his hens away,
And now they live in Fairyland
      With lots of time to play.

Now Hettie’s one of many hens
     Who lay the eggs you buy 

And you’ll feel happier that she’s safe
     And for certain so will I!


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