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Story Poems
for Younger Children

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Who let the sheep out –

     One two three?

Did you let the sheep out

    To wander off free?


Did you see them running

    Away down the hill –

Then over the river bridge

    And on past the mill?


Who didn’t shut the gate

     Earlier in the day?

Now three silly woolly sheep

     Have all gone away.


Off past the farmer’s barn

    And then across the stream.

What a lovely outing –

     Well that is what it seems.


Who let the sheep out

    And who will get them back?

See, there they are, three of them,

    Going up that track.


Well I know who will help us -

    The sheepdog from the farm.

Shep will quickly round them up

    Before they come to harm.


So thank you Shep for helping.

    The sheep are back again,

But a big black cloud is overhead.

    Run home before the rain.


Out through the field we run.

    It’s getting very late,

But did all of you remember 

    To shut that farmer's gate?



You must always remember to shut the gates in the countryside.

Copyright on all my poems

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There are moors on either side of the town where I live (Ilkley, Yorkshire) and the sheep are allowed to wander on the moors and the road which goes over the moors.  When I came to live here, there were more sheep on the moors than people in the cities and towns here and Leeds was a big centre for the woollen trade, with huge woollen and cotton mills, but now it is a big business centre and the sheep on the moors and farms are many many less. See my poems: 

Those Yorkshire Woollen Mills and Cultural Diversity is Worth Recognition.

Who Let the Sheep Out
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