Watercolor Butterfly 5


Spring Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Watercolor Butterfly 5
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Watercolor Butterfly 5


By Josie Whitehead

Who's Been Here - Spring

Look out of your window.  Who has been here?
Well somebody’s been, it is perfectly clear.
     Now who told the leaves on the trees to unfold
     And then added pink blossom, out there in the cold?

Who’s filled our gardens with splendid spring flowers?
Who’s touched the clouds and sent down the showers?
       Then who told the birds that it’s time to build nests?
       Her name starts with 'S' as you’ve probably guessed.

She crept in one morning and melted the snow,
Then touched the wet soil and told flowers to grow.
     She told Old Man Winter to take himself off;
     His chill has left many with colds and with coughs.

The gloomy black clouds were sent packing as well.
The long, winter evenings have said their farewell. 
     Now listen to birds singing high in the trees, 
     And with this pleasant sunshine, out come the bees.

The primroses bloom on the banks in the lane,
Their sweet yellow faces all wet from the rain.
    The fields are now filled with lambs at their play.
    Oh thank you dear Spring.  Please don’t go away.

Copyright on all my poems

This poem was published in 2010 (AMS Educational) and was chosen by thousands of teachers and childrens.  Sorry, out of print at the moment but you have it here.  Josie 

EXERCISE:  Contrast this poem, in your school groups, with my autumn poem:  'WHO HAS BEEN HERE?'