Poems for Reflection and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

Retro Shoes
Grey and Yellow Hiking Boots
Brown Leather Boots


By Josie Whitehead

Who's Visited My Home

Just look at those footprints!  Now who has been here?
Do you think it's a donkey, a horse or a deer?
     I think it’s a horse.  There’s the shape of a shoe.
     No, that’s the shape of a shoe worn by me or by you.

So what else do we leave that tells others we’ve been?
Well it’s there in the air but it cannot be seen.
     Every dog knows that answer; his nose tells him well
     Because each of us carries our own distinct smell.

Now for certain I know who’ve been up to my door,
For the clue is just sitting right there on the floor.
Every day some wild ducks come and as you might guess,
    What they’ve left behind them is, well, rather a mess!

Oh I know who’s been here because look what I’ve found!
It is brown and it’s shiny and was stored in the ground.
     The  squirrel’s been storing a nice winter’s treat.
     He’ll be glad of his nuts when there’s not much to eat.

A man’s been to my home and to other homes too
And the 'letter box' gives you a really good clue.
 Both for Christmas and birthdays he brings lots of cards,
    But with so many clues you’ll not find this hard.

There’s a special old man who calls once a year.
Christmas Eve is the night when I hope he’ll come here.
     I could well find some presents left under my tree.
     He’s the best of my callers as I’m sure you’ll agree.

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