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Mom with Stroller


Winter-Born Baby Poem

By Josie Whitehead

Mom with Stroller

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Winter Poems

Baby Lying Down


By Josie Whitehead

Winter Born Baby

Winter winds roar through leafless trees -
     So quietly you entered our world.
Snowflakes fall silently on a winter breeze -
      In your mother’s arms you lay curled.

Little eyes closed in your baby dreams;
     Baby soft hair on your head;
Soft little hands, not hardened by work,  –
     Sleep on in your cradle bed.

Winter-born baby, today’s your first day
      In a world you don’t yet comprehend.
Bring to that world your love and your joy,
      From this day forth to to the end.

Copyright on all my poems

Written on the birth of my dear grandson, Daniel and it was published in 2010 in my book: "Celebrations" - AMS Educational Ltd.  My Daniel is a teenager now, coping with examinations.


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