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Black Snowflake


Winter Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Black Snowflake
Birds on Frozen Grass


By Josie Whitehead

Winter, Go Away

Winter wears his warmest coat
     That’s made of frost and snow.
Today he’s biting children’s hands
     And making faces glow.

Today he’s freezing streams and ponds
     And frosting roofs and trees,
And as he works, you’ll hear his voice
     Upon the blustery breeze.

Winter teases you and me
     By pinching hands and feet
And look at all the things he’s done
     In countryside and street.

The path is covered deep with snow
     With lots more on the hill
And wintry winds blow hard and fast
     And add to winter’s chill.

The children may come out to play
      Upon this wintry day,

But - they’re waiting for the spring to come
      So winter, go away!

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