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Winter Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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 Winter/Weather Poems
Winter Wind Please Go Away - Heading .jp


By Josie Whitehead

Winter Wind, Please Go Away

Winter wind, please go away
And take with you those clouds of grey.
    Your great big teeth aren’t what I like,
    Waiting for their chance to bite.

Now don’t you pinch my hands and feet.
Your wintry blusters I’ll not greet.
    No, I don’t want your snowy blasts
      As you race past me very fast.

Please take away your icy grip 
That’s looking round for things to nip.
    I’ll shut the door and light my fire 
    Whilst you stay there until you tire!

Copyright on all my poems 


Although I've written many weather poems, many were not written in 2010, of course.  This was one of my very early poems and so it was market-researched in classrooms in West Yorkshire and the teachers decided it should go into my book: "Josie's Poems - Nature Poems".  I do hope that you like it also.  Josie 

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