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Story Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Woggaldy-Woo (The) .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Woggaldy-Woo (The)

Have you heard of the Woggaldy-Woo
Who lives in a tree in the north of Peru?
       He hasn't been seen for a couple of years,
       If what they say is true.

He is short and fat in a woggaldy-way
And it looks as if he's there to stay.
      You can hear him singing songs at night,
      But never in the day.

The song he sings is called Woggaldy-Why.    
He’s a wonderful singer I can’t deny.    
      From high in the trees you hear him sing -
      If it's true and not a lie.

He swims in the river called Woggaldy-Wee        
And they say it's a lovely place to be.   
      The fish all love to swim there too  
      And it's very near the sea.

So whenever you go to visit Peru, 
You must listen out, whatever you do,
     And perhaps you’ll hear the cheerful song
     Of  the mysterious Woggaldy-Woo.

Copyright on all my poems


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