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Autumn Story Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Autumn Leaves


By Josie Whitehead

Lovely Golden Tree (The)

I saw it on the tele,

     So it surely must be true:    
'I grew a lovely golden tree,

     And if I did, so can you.'

This surely beats the lottery,

     Or scratch cards and the pools.

Let’s buy ourselves a golden tree,

     Not sit here just like fools.

To the garden centre off we went,

     With money in our hands,
But when we saw the tiny tree

      It didn’t meet our plans.

They completely reassured us though:

     'Your tree will quickly grow,'
So off we set, with tree in car

     And hearts that were aglow.

Its speed of growth amazed us all.

      By autumn – what a size!
'My goodness, think of all that gold!

      That’s better than a prize!'

One bright and sunny autumn day

     We noticed something weird.
Our tree had changed its little leaves

     And gold leaves had appeared.

The morning sun shone on its leaves.

     'Oh, what a dazzling sight!'
Our relatives soon joined us all

     And murmured with delight.


We thought of how we’d spend the gold.

     We made our plans all day,
But, whilst we went to get our sacks,

     Those gold leaves blew away.

Copyright on all my poems

PS - 'Golden' means golden in colour, but not made of gold.  'Gold' means: made of gold material, eg a gold watch.  My own tree has golden leaves in the autumn - and this is true.  I'm afraid they are not gold leaves though.  Josie 






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