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Winter Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Angels in the Snow

‘Oh look!’ my little brother said.

     ‘Some angels in our snow’ -

And of all the children in the world,

      My brother’s one to know.


‘How do you know?’ we said to him,

      For just what could he see?

Oh, none of us could see these things

      And especially not me!


‘Look, see their wings?’ my brother said –

      ‘And see them smile at me?’

But though we looked and looked again,

     Not one of us could see.


My brother waved his little hand:

      ‘Come on, wave yours,’ he said.

And so I waved and I smiled too

     And blindly looked ahead.


I thought and thought and thought again:

    ‘Can little children see

The special things, kept from the sight,

     Of older ones like me?

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