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Animal Story Poems 
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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Male Lions


By Josie Whitehead

Brian the Lion

His mother called him Brian

    But his dad just called him *'runt'.

His brothers quickly learned to roar

    But he could only grunt.


‘Now listen, dear,’ said Mother Lion,

      ‘And copy what I do,

For if a lion cannot roar,

    They send him to a zoo.’


Poor Brian tried, and tried again,

    But roar he just could not.

His father, feeling quite annoyed,

    Said: ‘You’re a stupid clot!’


‘So how will you communicate?’

     Asked his mother, in despair,

‘For lions speak by roaring, dear,

     And grunts are just for bears.’


They took poor Brian to the vet:

     ‘Let’s see what he can do!’

He said: ‘The best thing for this lion

     Is to send him to a zoo.’


So off went Brian to London Zoo

    Where no-one said: ‘Please roar.’

Whilst other lions must hunt for prey,

     Young Brian gently snores.                                                                    Zzzzzzzz

Copyright on all my poems

Brian the Lion - Heading .jpg
* NOTE:  Runt:- the smallest, weakest animal of the young that are born from the same mother at the same time.  They say: 'the runt of the litter'.  Father was being insulting to Brian because he felt strong male lions should be able to roar loudly to show their strength and braveness.  What do you think?  Josie

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