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Animal Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Black Cat Silhouette
Black Cat Silhouette
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By  Josie Whitehead

Cat Called 'Happy' (A)

In a barn, on the farm, a small kitten was born
     On a warm sunny day in mid-June.
His dear mother licked her small baby quite clean
     On that sunny and warm afternoon.

He had brothers and sisters – four kittens in all -
     And they snuggled up close to their Mum.

On that warm summer’s day their lives seemed quite good,
     But their futures would very soon come.

The farmer said: ‘Four?  Far too many for us.
      I think that we’ll only keep two,'

And, with this thought in mind, in a few weeks from then,
      Whatever did this farmer do?

He took one of the kittens out into the fields,
     A long, long way from his dear Mum –
But for this little kitten, with future unclear,
     He couldn’t guess what was to come.

Some children were walking with Mum and with Dad
     And from under a hedge came a sound:
‘Oh look!’ cried the children. ‘You come over here 
     And see this small kitten we’ve found.’

They picked up the kitten:  ‘He’s terribly thin –
     And look at his black tangled fur.’
He snuggled, contentedly in human hands,
     And he happily started to purr.

‘It looks like this kitten has been thrown away,’
     Said their Daddy, and added: ‘Oh dear!’

He’s abandoned, he’s frightened and far from his Mum.
      It’s not safe for a kitten out here.’

‘Can we have this kitten?’ his daughter then said.
      ‘Oh please!’ called the voice of his son -
And, knowing these children were both very kind,
     He could see that their hearts both were won.
So the kitten returned to the kind family’s home
     And ‘purr’?  Yes, he does that each day,

So what name would you give to this dear little cat?
     Oh, ‘Happy’ is the best name I’d say!'

Copyright on all my poems


We've had quite a few abandoned animals as pets in our family and we've always given them a good home and they've shown their appreciation every day in every way. Josie


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