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Animal Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Cat who went to school .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Cat Who Went to School (The)

Once there was a ginger cat:

     Pickles was his name.

He lived with Jamie and his Mum

     And he loved to play a game.


Jamie went out through the door.

    He said: 'I’m off to school,'

But Pickles thought that cats could go.

     He didn’t know the rule.


He did a really sneaky thing:

     He followed on behind

And into school he went that day,

     And what did Pickles find?


One teacher said: 'No cats in school,'

     And promptly shut the door.

Another said: 'No cats allowed!'

     It really was a bore!!


He crept along the corridor,

    Then went across the hall,

And, seeing one door open wide,

     He walked in proud and tall.


With tail held high, eyes shining bright,

     He walked in bold as brass.

He jumped up on a table top

     But knocked over a glass.


In fact he’d reached the Nursery School:

    'Who’s this?' the teacher said:

And Pickles cringed when she said that

      And felt quite full of dread.


'Perhaps she’ll throw me out,' he thought,

     But Jamie said: 'He’s mine!

I’ve told him cats can’t go to school,'

    And his teacher said: 'That’s fine.


'If he is good, I’ll let him stay

    But only once, you hear.

You tell your Mum to keep him in:

     No cats at school! That’s clear!'


Well Pickles had a lovely day;

     He thought that school was great.

The children shared their milk with him

     And put food on his plate.


Next day, when Jamie went to school,

      Pickles stayed behind.

He knows that cats can’t go to school

     But he doesn’t really mind.


Copyright on all my poems

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