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Magical/Mystical Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Pointed Witch Hat
Pointed Witch Hat
Come Zoom on My Broom - Headlines .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Come, Zoom on My Broom

'Come, zoom on my broom!'

       Called a witch to a mole.
'Oh please come and join me

       And leave your warm hole!'

'Oh no!' said the mole.

     'I am frightened of heights,
But if I were not,

      Well, perhaps then I might.'

'Come, zoom on my broom!'

     Called the witch to a horse,
'But the problem’s that

       You’re very heavy, of course.'

'Ride on your broomstick?'

      He gave a loud neigh:
'Get going old witchy!

       I’m eating my hay.'

'Come, zoom on my broom!'

       Called the witch to a hen:
'It’s much better up here

      Than down there in a pen.'

'Cluck cluck,' cried the hen.

      'Oh, we hen’s never fly,
And it’s safer down here

      Than up there in the sky.'

'Come, zoom on my broom!'

       Called the witch to a boy.
'A nice ride on my broomstick

        You’d surely enjoy!'

'Ooooh goodee!' said he 

      And, then holding on tight,
Off they both went on that

      Warm summer night. 

Copyright on all my poems

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