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Magical/Mystical Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

This poem is written in ANAPAESTIC  TETRAMETER
ie 4 anapaests on each line, with rhyming aabb.
Daddy's Magic Umbrella - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Daddy's Magic Umbrella

Daddy's big black umbrella sat out in the hall 
And was obviously bored as it looked at the wall.
      So one dark, rainy day - well believe this or not -
      Dad's umbrella hatched up a most terrible plot.

Daddy walked to the station with brolly held high,
But before he could whistle, he shot in the sky.
     Up above with the pigeons, the magpies and crow,
     Our Dad and umbrella, saw cities below.

We all looked through the window, and gasped full of awe
And, for certain, our Daddy had not flown before,
       And he clung to his brolly with all of his might
       And, of course, people said: 'What a magical sight!'

Daddy soon came to Heaven and sat on a cloud
And we're sure that our Daddy feels awfully proud.
     So there's someone who's missing at dinner tonight -
      Yet that man on the moon appears ever so bright!

Copyright on all my poems 


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