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The Eternal Optimist - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Eternal Optimist (The)

An optimist sits on the floor

    And gazes at the table

And, in his mind, digests the food

    As well as he is able.


He has a nose that soaks up smell;

    His mouth drools with delight.

His mind’s alert and two brown eyes

    Watch every move in sight.


He hopes a hand will come his way

    And bring a piece of steak.

He’s learnt it’s rude to snap at this

    And gently he must take.


He hears the human voices drawl

    In endless conversation,

But do they heed that he is there,

    Alert but in frustration?


Who ordered that a dog must wait -

      Come second to mankind?

A whine goes up, a sigh is given;

    Are all his family blind?


The empty plates are gathered up

    And go towards the door.

His master walks towards his dish

    That sits upon the floor.


The owner of this dish appears.

    His tail wags with delight.

When meaty scraps go on his dish,

      His dream’s fulfilled tonight!!


Copyright on all my poems

NOTE:  Vets tell us not to feed animals our human food - especially sweets etc.  It can make them overweight and also ill.  Don't encourage them to sit by the table expectantly but, yes, some scraps of meat, fish or vegetables are good for them too.  Josie 

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