Flour and Flowers

The flour that makes the golden crust
     Was first the wheat of gold,
And, *planted in the autumn sun,
       Withstood the winter cold.


It grew and swelled from springtime on, 
        Was reaped in summer's sun,
And its golden grains provide the loaves
      Enjoyed by everyone.

Behold the sunflower’s golden face
     Which heralds autumn days,
With neck outstretched to touch the sun,
      Gilt petals all ablaze.

At harvest time we give our thanks
     And loud our voices raise.
Flour and flowers bedeck our church
     And to God we give Him praise.

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* Most wheat grown in the UK is winter wheat. This is planted in the autumn, generally between September and November. Winter wheat accounts for more than 95% of the UK grain used by millers. Grain planted in January-March is generally spring wheat.

The photograph opposite was taken by me at the church I attend: Christchurch, Ilkley.  It gave me inspiration for this poem.  I hope you like it.  Josie