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Children's Narrative Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Frightening Adventure of Frankie Frog

Once there was a small green frog -
     Frankie was his name -
But Frankie just ignored Dad’s words,
     Which really was a shame.

His father told him: 'You stay here.
     The pond is safe for you,'
But Frankie simply laughed at Dad
     And sought adventures new.

He hopped along a country lane
     In August’s summer sun.
'It’s quite safe here,' he told himself.
     'I’m having lots of fun.'

Now Daddy Frog had warned his son,
     But Frankie didn’t care,
Whilst up above a magpie searched
      For food for chicks to share.
This story takes a nasty turn:
     The magpie swooped at speed
And Frankie Frog was just the thing
     Her magpie chicks would need.

Her big sharp beak grabbed Frankie Frog
     And swept him in the air
And though poor Frankie wriggled hard,
     The magpie didn’t care.

When Frankie looked down from above
       He saw his Dad below.
'Frankie’s gone,' his Dad told all -
     'But where, we just don’t know.'

Bad luck can change, as well it did,
     For little Frankie Frog.
The magpie had a dreadful fright
     When barked at by a dog.

She dropped poor Frankie in her haste
    And he fell to the ground,
And then he heard his father shout:
     'It’s Frankie!  He’s been found.'

That night, how glad was Frankie Frog
     Back in his watery home:
And now he listens well to Dad
     And never more will roam.

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