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Children's Story Poems
By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Goldilocks and the Three Pigs

Once there was a naughty girl – 
      Goldilocks by name –
And teasing pigs was what she liked
       Which really was a shame.

She’d move into the piggies’ sty
      When they had been let out,
And she’d gobble any food she found
      If others weren’t about.

She’d snuggle down into their straw,
      And crunch on piggy-snacks –
But luckily she would escape
      Before the pigs came back.

The piggies, when they came back home,
       Said: ‘Who’s been in our sty?'
And: ‘Who’s been sleeping on our straw?’
       And each pig gave a sigh.

‘But someone’s eaten all our snacks,’
      The largest piggy said:
‘And look,’ he cried, quite full of rage:
       ‘There’s crumbs all in my bed.’

So, did they catch that awful girl?
       Well no-one really cares –
But after this, I heard that she
       Went on to tease some bears!


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