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Animal Poems for Children
By Josie Whitehead

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Greedy Gertrude

Now Gertrude was a nanny goat  
     And a greedy goat was she. 
She ate the grass, devoured the flowers 
     And munched fruit from the tree. 
She dined on thistles, gorged on grass 
     And scoffed her way through weeds. 
In fact she was quite gluttonous 
     As everyone agreed. 
One day the gate was open wide 
     And Gertrude trotted out - - - 
BUT no-one noticed that she’d gone 
     For no-one was about. 
She wandered down the lane alone 
     And everything seemed fine. 
Then in a cottage garden - oooh!  - - -
    Some washing on a line. 
'Can I eat this then?' Gertrude thought. 
     'It's something nice to munch,' 
And, as no humans were around,
     She grabbed some pants for lunch.  
'My goodness, what a tasty snack,' 
      Thought Gertrude, as she chewed. 
'They’ve done a really thoughtful thing 
      To hang out all this food!' 
So Greedy Gertrude chomped away 
    And wasn’t quite prepared, 
For, when an angry dog appeared,
     She ran away, quite scared. 
She didn’t stop until she reached 
     The safety of her home, 
But she now prefers her juicy grass, 
     And never more will roam.  


Copyright on all my poems


Children:  Write down all the words which mean 'eat'.  There are lots of them, and when you write, use the good variety of words that we have in our language.  Do you know another word for 'eat'? Josie 

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