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Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Drawing of Rabbit
Drawing of Rabbit
Hop It McHoppit - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Hop It McHoppit

Now Mr and Mrs McHoppit

     Were two rabbits both furry and brown

Who lived in a pleasant location

      Near the country but also the town.


When the moon shone on high in the sky though,

      The pair would show forth and would play,

But you’d seldom see either McHoppit

     At all during hours of day.


‘Come on now,’ said Mr McHoppit.

      Those humans are well out of sight.’

‘Of course dear,’ said Mrs McHoppit,

      ‘It’s much safer for rabbits at night.’


Whilst both of them hopped round the garden,

     And were thinking, of course, about love,

A woman looked down from her bedroom

     And shouted these words from above:


‘Hop it, McHoppit, get moving!’

     Came the voice through the quiet night sky:

And Mr and Mrs McHoppit

     Didn’t bother to say a bye bye.


Eight legs scampered off very quickly,

     Their tails bobbing under the moon,

And Mr and Mrs McHoppit

      Found another nice garden quite soon.


However they both soon discovered

     They’d chosen the wrong place to go,

For what did they see in the moonlight?

     If I now say ‘woof woof’ you will know.


A small dog was out in her garden

     And rabbits were her favourite sport,

So the McHoppits didn’t stay long there,

     And another good garden they sought.


They'd particularly favoured that garden

     Which was full of the things rabbits eat,

But the thought of what dogs do to rabbits,

     Was a thought that was not very sweet.


Away the McHoppits both scampered

     To a garden they knew very well.

‘We won’t find a dog in this garden

     And for certain there's no-one to yell.’


They pushed through the hedge in the moonlight

     And there was the vegetable plot.

Very soon they were both munching lettuce

     And between them devoured the lot.


With never a thought of the gardener,

     The McHoppits went off quite well fed,

And all that remained to be done then

      Was to happily go to their bed.

Copyright on all my poems

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