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Our Natural World/
Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

In the Beginning

In the beginning, when God made the world,
   There was nothing but emptiness here:
‘Darkness and void’ are the words that are used,
     And not fit for we humans, that’s clear.

God gave us the day and he also gave night
      And above earth, he gave us the sky.
God then made the sea to wash his world clean
     And the land, a safe place, which was dry.

On the land he decided to grow trees and plants,
     Which would bear fruit and vegetables too.

These things don’t bear fruit at all times of the year,
     So tell me what God had to do.    


He divided our year into seasons, of course,
     Which were split into months and then days.
Then He gave us two lights to lighten our world:
     The moon and the sun’s brighter rays.

God then thought of creatures to put in His world:
    Some creatures to swim, some to fly:
So write down the names of some of these things:
   Come on, it is easy – just try.

Then God thought of land, and what could live there?
    Lots of animals, God had in mind:
So write down just ten of them upon your list:
   There are many, I’m sure you will find.

‘Is there something I’ve missed?’ God thought to Himself:
    ‘Oh I’m sure that there is,’ pondered He.
Ah yes, he remembered, and with a smile on His face,         Said: ‘Humans!'  - - - -  Of course, you and me!!  


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