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Halloween Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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(Part 2)

By Josie Whitehead

Just Learning to Fly Part 2

The night of the party arrived, as was planned.
Witches ate, they drank and danced to the band, 
     But all was quite clear when one didn’t come - 
     Mildred was lost.  Now what should be done? 
'Is it possible to contact poor Mildred by phone? 
Is she injured or lost and out there on her own?' 

    'Yes, here is her number.  Come, let us now ring, 
For it’s awfully strange that we’ve not heard a thing.' 
Now as Mildred was circling the moon all alone, 
From inside her pocket came the sound of her phone. 
     She soon told her friends of her terrible plight: 
     'I’m circling the moon, in the middle of night.'
Now don’t worry Mildred,' came a voice from back home. 
Then a new magic word was sent over the phone. 
     The word meant 'return now' and when it was said 
The broomstick turned back and to home quickly fled. 
How pleased were her friends, when Mildred came late. 
They found her a seat and put food on her plate. 
     Poor Mildred was glad to be home with her friends
      And her  dreadful ordeal had now come to its end. 

Copyright on all my poems
and on Luis Peres Illustrations

I actually wrote the first part of this poem as just one poem, but there was outrage that I should have left poor Mildred in space, and I was encouraged to write the second part.  I must have done the right thing because these two poems were jointly published in 2010.  They went into my book: 'Celebrations' which was published by AMS Educational.  You can't buy the books right now because these poems are out of publication but I'm pleased that you can lead your children to them on my website.  Josie 

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