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Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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Kitty Tricks - Heading.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Kitty Tricks

'I’m bored!' thought young Kitty, 'So what can I do?'
If you have a cat, she’ll have tried this on you:
      'Meow!' called out Kitty and she looked at the door,
       And her kind owner said: 'Off you go and explore.'

Once out in that garden, Kitty started to grin: 
'Meow!' she called loudly: 'I want to come in.'
      The door quickly opened: 'Is it cold for you there?
       Well, sit on your blanket in this comfortable chair.'

The end of the story? Oh goodness, no no! -
For Kitty enjoyed herself so much and so
     She leapt from the chair to her good owner’s lap -
     Such a genial, kind-hearted, cat-loving chap.

Kitty purred and she rubbed and she smiled at his face, 
Whilst he looked at her and, with a loving embrace,
     He stroked her, spoke kindly, but Kitty thought: 'Now
     Is my chance to have more fun,' and called out 'meow'.

'Kitty, what do you want now, my dear little cat?'
So she quickly jumped down from the place where she sat
     And ran into the kitchen and looked at her dish.
     'Ah, my darling is hungry.  I’ll get you some fish.'

She ate the fish daintily and then what did she do? 
After washing her face, she started to mew,
     And she looked at the fridge and what did she think?
     'Oh, I’d love a nice bowlful of milk now to drink.'

'Meow,' said young Kitty to her owner once more.
Having caught his attention, she looked at the door.
     'Are you thirsty my Kitty?  Ah, we cannot have that,'
     And down into the dish came some milk for his cat.

Well, surely this story has come to its end -
For Kitty was making good use of her friend?
     But, 'meow' she called out, looking at the back door,
     But as her owner now slept, she heard a loud  s n o r e.

Copyright on all my poems

Do you have a cat like Kitty?  Well, perhaps you have an animal who does another funny thing.  Come on.  Tell the class what it is - or write and tell me so that I can put it into a poem for you.  I had a cat called Mary who could open a door and she taught our other cat and our dog how to do it.  Then she learned how to open a window, but only she knew how to do this.  This is quite true.  Josie  

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