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Story Poems 
About Our Natural World

By Josie Whitehead


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Contrast this style with:   The Sun and the Moon

Lady Sun and Lady Moon .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Lady Sun and Lady Moon

Lady Sun walks o’er the earth;
To each new day she gives it birth.
     Her warming smile melts winter’s snow 
     And she tells the little seeds to grow.

Silver slippers for Lady Moon,
Too shy to show her face at noon,
      Bringing shelter from the heat;
       Shrouding the world in a cooling sheet.

Lady Sun with her gold embraces
Brings delight to human faces.
     Lady Moon, with her silver fingers,
     Over the world her presence lingers.

Whilst Lady Moon her watch is keeping,
Things of day are still and sleeping
     But creatures of the night will play 
     Until her sister comes next day.


Each lady sister does her work
And neither one will ever shirk.
     As they pass they swap their news
     Over late-ending barbecues.

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