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Poems about the Sun
and the Moon

By Josie Whitehead


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By Josie Whitehead

Sun and the Moon (The)

Our earth, on its axis, keeps turning in space
And, as the earth turns, we can see the sun’s face.
      The tilt of the earth gives us seasons and light,
      But here is a story to bring you delight.

There are two lovely sisters who live out in space
And who gaze from above on the whole human race.
As our world turns around we might hear Lady Sun
      Saying: 'Wake up you sleepers!  Your day has begun!'

Then whilst we’re enjoying the sun’s golden rays
And are making the most of our wonderful day,
Lady Moon gently smiles on the world that has night
      And she sends down her beams with their soft gentle light.

Lady Sun paints our world with such wonderful hues -
Vibrant yellows and greens, stunning crimsons and blues.
     So we humans smile back at her sweet warming face
     For we all love to know that she’s out there in space.

Lady Moon’s like a queen who arrives in the night
With her servants, the stars, twinkling ever so bright,
    But sometimes the sisters meet up in the sky
    To exchange all their news as they quietly pass by.


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Compare and contrast this poem with LADY SUN AND LADY MOON 

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