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Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Learning Our Social Skills

'Do as you’re told,' my mother would say.
      'Don’t argue and don’t contradict!'
'Don’t say you’ve not heard or not understood!' –
      My goodness, my parents were strict!

'Pay attention to me,' my Granny would say.
     'Are you listening?' my Granddad said too.
'Come when you’re called and don’t mess about!'
      What they told me is perfectly true.

'Don’t answer back and sit still on your seat.' 
     'Don’t talk with a mouth full of food.'
'Don’t hit your brother or say cheeky things!' 
    We soon learnt that these things were rude.

We share our big world with others, you see.
    And it’s here social skills play their part.
Even as toddlers, the rules must be learned,
    And it’s then that our training must start.

Social skills are important, as you’ll understand.
    You’ve been told this - well I would expect.
It’s by caring for others as well as ourselves 
    That we show both our love and respect.

So, what other things did your parents tell you?
    What things will they just not accept?
When, later, you bring up a family yourself,
     What behaviour will you then expect?

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