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Poems about
Our Natural World

By Josie Whitehead

The Light in Our World 2.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Light in Our World (The)

Light is important for me and for you
     And for all living things on our earth -
And it’s been in our lives both by day and by night
     Every day, from the day of our birth.

The sun shines upon us; we bathe in her light -
     Though at times it may be rather hot -
But whenever she sends down her temperate heat,
     We seek out a warm, sunny spot.

Perhaps all you children are frightened of dark
     Because of the blackness of night.
It isn’t surprising, because human life
     Has been programmed to seek out the light.

The light, that we see by, has come from the sun
     With a short journey made with some speed,
But the sun’s energy travels far out in space,
     To many dark places, indeed!

Now look through your window, or look round your class;
       See, the sun’s been at work, that’s for sure,
And its light is reflected on things that we see -
     On your friends or your desk or the door.

When the place where we live turns away from the sun
     And our nights take the place of our days,
The moon sends her light, but of course, not so strong,
      With her gentle but luminous rays.

Human beings make light, as I’m sure that you know.
     Well, what do we turn on at night?
Without electricity, I’m sure you’ll agree,
       We’d be in a terrible plight.

Now take up your paper and make out a list
     Of the things which could bring us some light,
And think of how awful a dark world would be,
        As you pick up your pen and then write.

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