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Magical/Mystical Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Lost - Dangerous Dragon - Heading .jpg

By Josie Whitehead
Lost! Dangerous Dragon

My dragon disappeared last month
     And I’ve searched everywhere.
I asked a pig, I asked a mouse
     And then a grizzly bear.

But:  Nobody had seen him.

It made the headlines of the news.
     'A dragon’s running free.'

My neighbour thought he heard a roar
     From high up in his tree.

But: It was only somebody flushing

the loo. (toilet)

A silly boy rang in and said:
     'I think he’s in our school,'
But that was just a joke of course.
     He thought it was quite cool.

But: We didn’t think  he was funny -

 just VERY silly.

'Now tell us,' said a nice policeman:
      'What is your dragon like?
'Perhaps someone has spotted him
     And I’ll go there on my bike.'

But:  Nobody had spotted him, of course.

He’s wary, scary, blows out  flames;
      He’s eyes of shining green.
He’s great big teeth and flaming breath -
     The fiercest thing I’ve seen.

But:  He’s actually WORSE than this.

He’s giant scales upon his back
     And a tail that’s wavy too.
He eats large rats and even cats
     And especially folks like you.

But:  Don’t tell your friends this!

So should you see him one fine day,
      Please send him home to me,
For dragons shouldn’t wander loose,
      I’m sure you will agree.

WARY =Not trusting others; cautious; suspicious

Copyright on all my poems

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